A slice of heaven

Words that describe this morning’s activity:

“Perfect. Unmitigated happiness.” (Steve Wallis)

“Ethereal.” (AnneLisa Butcher)

Started off with an incredible breakfast of toasted english muffins, poached eggs and canadian bacon. Mmmmmm. Coffee in a glass mug with just the perfect tinge of creamer and milk. Yummy o.j. Wow- that was an incredible start to the day!

Then chilling…..relaxing…..letting my body  relish the slowness of the morning. Oh how glorious not to have to go anywhere, have any to-do’s to attend to, get homeschooling underway. Everyone was perfectly content and preoccupied. Mama was just happy to sit still and exist in a low-gear, a quiet humming.

After we were all suited up and I received sweet compliments from Steve that he liked my new bathing suit, off we went to the Delta.

Oh the giddy sounds of delight……the squeals of excitement from the kiddos…..knowing that water sports were about to unfold. James showed us first how it was to be done. He was ready to jump off the boat’s swim step and get into his Ski-EZ. Absolutely incredible how much confidence he has for being a 2-year old in the water!!!! I love it!!! So there he was sitting up in his Ski-EZ, tethered to the boat by a 30-foot rope, his blonde hair shining brightly in the sun and the most awesome smile wrapped across his face. And then to hear his sweet 2-year old voice shout out “hit it!”…..oh….it just melted my heart. I just absolutely loved seeing his confidence and comfort in the water. This boy is going to grow up being a water adventuring amazing athlete!!!

After skiing to the Marina and back, it was Natalie’s turn. And boy was she ready. As soon as she got into that Ski-EZ she was up and standing, smiling her million-dollar smile. She was one veeeeeeeeeery happy girl. And everyone in the boat was clapping, cheering and hollering encouragement to her. What an incredible sight- to see my baby girl, with her sun-kissed hair pulled back in two low pig tails, putting her arm up in the air showing off her one-handed operation of skiing in the wake. A 5-year old beauty on the water, full of confidence in her ability to ski. Loved it, loved it, loved it!

Next was Jacob’s turn. He couldn’t be showed up by his younger sister, so he made sure to go out there and try to stand up as soon as he could. He was smiling, twisting the rope with his hands, doing the one-handed operation, pushing the envelope with how he was positioning/balancing his body on the Ski-EZ. When he stood up straight and held out his arms in their fully extended, straightened position I was reeeeeeeeally struck by how fast he is growing up! Here’s my 7-year old, very tall boy now doing amazingly fun water sports. Wow. Perhaps it all felt so surreal because I was holding 4-week old Charles in my arms while soaking up this first-time skiing event by Jacob. How is it that he used to be as tiny as Charles, nestled into me, held up by one arm? And now here he is smiling his grown-up two front-tooth grin, trying to show off his agility on the water. Incredible.

Charles himself was incredible beyond incredible! From the moment we stepped into the boat, through three rounds of Ski-EZ water skiing, a return to the dock, momentary Delta swim time while the Ski-EZ was swapped out for two inner tubes, and then awesome tube runs for James, Natalie, Jacob and even a run for 4 all at once…..during all of that Charles slept soundly in my arms. What a sweet baby boy. Seriously- through the spray of water, the roar of the boat’s engine, screaming and cheering on-board and the toasting of the sun’s rays on his blanket-enveloped body……he slept. Soundly. All in my arms- what a luxurious treat for my mama heart!!!! After lunch he sat in his infant car seat while the rest of us swam in the coolness of the Delta water. What an absolutely incredible baby! I keep saying it’s like he’s under the radar. We wouldn’t know he’s here except we know he is, so we look for him. What a gift and joy- such an easy going baby!

It was soooooooooooooo much fun watching my dear friend AnneLisa step out into the world of active water sports once again! I had to keep reminding myself these past days that she just had a baby four weeks ago, she seemed her normal, active self as she moved about the house. And today was the marker of full return for her- what a happy day! To watch her, with her son James, riding the inner tube was just glorious. She was screaming, squealing, shouting non-stop with exuberant enthusiasm and excitement. It was happy beyond happy listening to how happy she was. I couldn’t help but keep smiling and laughing myself as I watched her. How freeing for her to have moved on from the life of being pregnant! I was SO happy for her. Yay!!! The happy smiles, the sounds of laughter, and the sight of her playing bumper cars with the other tube that had Jacob and Natalie in it, as they were moving in and out of the wake with every fun turn that Brad was navigating- oh. pure. fun.

Oh and then there was the stop at Bob’s- the restaurant in the Marina. We literally got to drive the boat up to the dock, throw on our flip-flops and walk up to the restaurant. How awesome is that! So we ordered our hamburgers, fries, tuna sandwich, shakes and sodas and sat there under the umbrellas enjoying life. Man was that tuna sandwich amazing. The slices of wheat bread were toasted and grilled perfectly. The tuna was super flavorful and refreshingly cool. Oh man. And the kids’ vanilla shakes were a testament to what a truly awesome shake ought to taste like, made with real milk and real ice cream.

And then the day got even better when Natalie pointed out the wild blackberry bushes right alongside the walkway towards the ramp. Seriously!??! I stepped in, poked my big toe into some gnarly thorns- ouch!, but that pain was quickly forgotten as I dropped into my mouth the most luscious, sun-warm blackberries. Oh wow- that yumminess sealed this day with pure awesomeness. Blackberry juice ran down my fingers. This was a glorious day.

We headed back to the Butchers’ home, our tummies content, our faces feeling the warmth of the sun, our hearts content with the joy of the whole morning of fun and relaxation.

And then the stillness of nap time. Everyone asleep. The quiet house. The afternoon breeze blowing through the living room. My feet up on the couch, my mind replaying the morning’s activities, my heart happy beyond happy. A slice of heaven indeed.

So thankful.

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1 Response to A slice of heaven

  1. AnneLisa Butcher says:

    So I am a bad blog reader, but have spent the evening relishing in your posts… just read this one and am so thankful for you!!!

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