Best Friends

If I had a camera in my hands this morning, I would have wanted to take a snapshot. The moment was precious. It was heartwarming. It was dear. It was what a mother’s heart yearns for and cherishes. It was worth more than all the gold in the world. Jacob and Natalie sat on their stools at the breakfast counter, intently listening to my reading aloud of Ginger Pye, the chapter book we are going through, and they had their heads touching, wanting to be super close to each other. There they sat nestled against each other’s crowns, their eyes sparkling with excitement as they listened to the words of the book. They stared at each other lovingly, they gave each other eskimo kisses and they laughed heartily together. I couldn’t believe my eyes. This was heavenly. Not all mornings are like this. Sometimes one or the other needs their space or is a bit irritated about something that the other one has said or done. But in general they are best friends. They deeply love one another. They are good, good friends. They long for each other’s company. Their friendship is a gift to this mama’s heart. I pray that this friendship continue for their whole lives long. Before breakfast they had been out in the backyard rip-sticking together. They had set up a very elaborate obstacle course of random items: a boogie board, a baseball mitt, two soccer balls, a tennis racket, a scooter and a balance. Very, very happily they were making sharp turns trying to avoid the items all the while encouraging each other with hoorays for each accomplished completed route through the course. When I dropped them off at school, they happily ran off together to the entrance; bounding with joy. I am so thankful today for the confident children that they are; how much they love each other and are convinced that they are loved. I am a thankful Mama today who wants to hold onto this morning’s sweetness.

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  1. Sherryl Koga says:

    OK, now I am rethinking holding off on baby #2! Seriously, these accounts melt my heart!


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