A Big Day

Today was a big day. Jacob’s very 1st day of kindergarten. With both mama and daddy as educators, the beginning of school is a VERY momentous day!!! It was a great day. Jacob wanted to wear his brand new blue polo shirt to be just like daddy. Ha! It is true, Steve wears a lot of blue shirts to work. The #1 reason why Jacob was so excited to go to school was because he could be at the same school as daddy.

DaVinci Science, the charter high school that Steve is the principal for, now has the DaVinci Innovation Academy (charter K-8 elementary) on its campus. The thought of getting to see daddy every day on his way in to school is so so so so so huge to Jacob. Knowing that they are both a part of DaVinci has bonded Jacob to daddy with new delight. Jacob simply adores Steve. It is an incredible relationship to watch and one for which I am immensely thankful.

Jacob walked into school confident, excited and eager to learn. All things we hope will describe him the rest of his educational years. Watching him walk in with such ease, going straight to the building blocks, laughing his head off as he tried to build the greatest tower and then watching it all come crashing down, then heading over and pulling a “Harold & The Purple Crayon” book off of a shelf and sitting down to read it, I knew he’d be okay. He’s got the confidence he needs to be comfortable in this new situation. And I’m so thrilled about that.

Last night our dinner conversation included a play-by-play discussion of what our morning would look like: what we would do to get ready in the morning,  which way we would walk to school from our home, how/when we would give each other our farewell.  He told us that he wanted to give Natalie a hug and then lift her up off the ground. Omie (grandma) he wanted to give a kiss. Mama would get a kiss and a hug. And Daddy he hoped would lift him off the ground in a gigantic hug. I joked that then the 4 of us would walk out, stand by the classroom windows and all wave goodbye, swaying our arms in the air in a dramatic goodbye. He laughed. And he said, “okay, but I’ll ignore you.” Ha! We all laughed. I asked him if he’d rather we simply said our goodbyes and didn’t do the whole farewell at the windows. Oh no, no. He wanted us to wave and he wanted to pretend like he was ignoring us.

And that is exactly what happened this morning. We said our goodbyes. We walked outside. Each of our faces framed by a window, as we peered in at him waving our goodbyes. And that precise moment is what I hope my memory will always hold onto. The biggest smile I think I’ve ever seen, stretched across the entirety of his face……and oh how he laughed as he tried to turn and pretend like we weren’t there. And yet he would snap his head back, beaming, hoping we were still there, still waving. And we were. And he laughed. And he smiled. We played this game for a few times. And then we walked on our way, confident that our little boy would survive and do well. His smile emblazoned in my mind as I carried on in my day, with a bit of an empty feeling of him not being with me.

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2 Responses to A Big Day

  1. courtneycash says:

    I absolutely LOVE this story. Tell Jacob that Sarah wore the EXACT SAME shirt that he did on her first day yesterday! And yes, even Steve was wearing a blue shirt as we walked up to the campus. And can I just say how warm and happy it made me as we walked up towards something new and uncertain, to see someone I knew. Right there. First in the welcome line. I presume it did the same for the girls, but it sure did make this momma relieved and a touch more confidant to leave my children there.

  2. Pat Momary says:

    He is one lucky little guy, to have such loving parents to prepare him to be a life-long learner. I wish my two had been so fortunate (though they have compensated adequately). Blessings, and with joy that my Great-grandkids are blessed to share Jacob’s school, too, PM

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