10pm vs. 1am

Last week I made a pact with myself: to start going to bed by 10pm.  Last night I broke my streak; went to bed at 1am instead. Totally reverted back to my old ways. Oh my goodness I feel like a train ran over me. I can hardly pull myself together this morning. Someone once told me that the number of hours of sleep we get before midnight makes a monumental difference in terms of how much deep sleep we get, and as a result how rested we feel. And I have to say that today I fully believe that. How in the world did I function this past year going to bed at 1am? 1:30? 2am?

I need to go back to 10pm. It’s got to happen! I need the rest. Without it I won’t be able to get up for a 6am swim. My body needs and craves exercise. And I need a morning’s wealth of patience as I start my day as mama. All good things that come from an early bedtime. Feel free to ask me and hold me to this. Please.

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