A day of good laughs

I have to say that my kiddos sure know how to make me laugh. I try to remain stoic at times so that they don’t lose complete control and go off the deep end into delirium. But other times I just laugh along. And usually I just shake my head in disbelief that they can be so crazy silly. Good times. Very good times.

Every morning sometime between the hour of 5am-6am, the two of them come sleepily walking down the hallway to our bedroom. They crawl into bed with us and we all snuggle for that last bit of rest before starting the day at 6. This morning I had one flanked on each side of me, but after a bit I needed to get up. From the bathroom as I washed my face, I could hear Natalie saying in the cuuuuuuuuuutest, sweetest voice: “Ohhhhhhh Jacob, I love you so much. So very, very much!” And then I’d hear this gruff, quick reply, “Yeah, me too.” Ha! I was laughing hysterically inside. Here was Natalie, the girl, gushing with all of her feelings. And Jacob, the guy, basically keeping it as short and simple as possible. Natalie continued. “Oh Jacob, I really really do love you. I love you so much!” All said with this sing-songy super sweet tone. All of it was melting my mama heart. And then all of a sudden I heard her tone change. “Jaaaaaaacob” (said with a mildly annoyed, somewhat hurt tone) “If you love me, you’re supposed to say it back and hug me back.” To which he responded, “Um, Natalie, I don’t like giving you hugs because then your hair gets all over my face. I don’t like that.” Eager to get a hug from her big brother, she quickly replied, “oh, oh, I’ll make sure my hair doesn’t get in your face.” Jacob: “Nope. I won’t give you a hug unless you have your hair pulled back in a ponytail.” Ohhhhhh my goodness I was dying as I listened to all of this from the bathroom. I started the day with a smile on my face.

After soccer games and naps, the fun of my silly zany children continued. They were laughing their heads off tickling each other, laughing their heads off as we watched the video footage I took of them dancing their hearts out @ Downtown Disney, laughing their heads off as they tried to re-enact their super duper fast dance footwork here in the kitchen. They were seriously laughing all the way to their bed.

A gloriously awesome day. I am so thankful for the sweet joy in my children’s hearts. I truly happy day being mama.

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