That exciting “new” feeling

Today’s beaming smile on Natalie’s face brought back memories of my own childhood. I remember how invigorating and fun it was to rearrange my bedroom furniture! Having that “new” feeling in my room. And today for the first time Natalie felt that feeling. As she lay in her bed’s new location, scanning the room for how different it felt, she said “Mama, it feels like the walls have been stretched out”. Yes! It has. Truly. Her room feels bigger now. I love this new arrangement. But more than anything I love how excited she was to take on this task this morning. She was a busy beaver walking out of her room over and over again with armfuls of possessions, putting them in the living room until everything had been properly emptied enough in her room to facilitate an easy movement of all the furniture. I’m curious to know if she’ll be surprised in the morning when she awakes……will she forget about her room’s new layout and then wake up to the surprise of it being a fun new reality? I can’t wait to see how she reacts in the morning. 🙂

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