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61. This morning’s church service. It was awesome. Pure awesomeness. Jeff and the band led us in amazing worship!!! Pastor Michael was on fire with the sermon this morning. The topic of the sermon was compelling and gripping. It made me so thankful for OCF, its leadership and its community of people.

62. The fabulousness of friends in our small group.

63. The yummy turkey, avocado, aioli, tomato on sour dough sandwiches Emily made.

64. The yummy heartiness of warm soup. Love the mix Mitzi brought me from Bob’s Red Mill. It was soooooo yummy!! And mmmmm mmmmm good with the addition of sweet potatoes and spinach.

65. The beautiful relaxation of a quiet home with all 4 of us asleep taking naps in the afternoon. Love being curled up in my fuzzy brown blanket and listening to sweet silence.

66. The joy of running into Dave and Kerry and the cousins at the Ice Rink this afternoon. What are the chances of that?!? So much fun!!!! Being a part of an awesome game of tag on ice with Caleb and Jacob- definitely a highlight!!

67. Five happy men sitting together outside brewing homemade beer. Love it that my husband has men he loves to hang out with. Cute seeing them all huddled around a big steaming pan of boiling barley.

68. Thankful for warmth. Warm clothes. Warm showers. Warm beds. A warm home.

69. Thankful for our dear friends the Benadoms. Feel so privileged that they stop to hang out with us when they return to L.A. during the holidays. Their family is such a precious family and I loooooooove it that their kids and our kids love hanging out together!!!! And my sweet friend Erika is always an inspiration to me on how to be a gentler mama with oodles of patience.

70. Thankful that I just purchased a Groupon for a hot air balloon ride for two!! 🙂 Yay!! Sometime in this new year of 2013 Steve and I will get to go on a sunrise ride in the air! I’m so excited. I’ve always thought it would be cool to do that over the Serengeti in Africa, but chances are that a balloon ride in Temecula is more likely to be the occurrence in our lifetime and budget. Excited for the prospect of this happening sometime in this new year! Thankful that we can already pay ahead now for a fun trip. Perhaps we can do that to celebrate my upcoming 40th birthday!? Or perhaps that will be our anniversary celebration next year for year #16.

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