Pancakes and more

81. Thankful for whole grain pancake mix.

82. Thankful for whipped cream that helps my kiddos swallow the whole grain goodness of oats, triticale, rye, barley, buckwheat, flaxseeds and millet.

83. Thankful that even though they asked “Maaaaaama, is this a new kind of pancake mix???” and weren’t thrilled about the new texture and taste, they accepted my explanation about it being better for them. All it took was a reminder to one of my homeschool lessons on whole grains and linking it in their mind to being healthy- and they happily ate their breakfast. (But truly thankful for whipped cream that made the idea tolerable) 🙂

84. Thankful that the heater was blasting so much heat into our bedroom this morning that I basically woke up from suffocating heat. Thankful in a weird, warped kind of way that the heat was my motivation to get out of bed and go to the gym for an early morning workout.

85. Thankful for the awesome stretch in my latissimi dorsi muscles in my morning swim. I have no idea why I remember the name of that muscle group- but thankful that those muscles feel so awesomely stretched today.

86. Thankful for the return of electricity. Being without electricity from 8am-8pm made me ever so thankful for the awesomeness of electricity. Today is a laundry kind of day and I don’t need to worry about the food in the fridge and freezer. And I can sit here and type my thankfulness. Good stuff that electricity. 🙂

87. Thankful for a husband who invited his staff to have a “Brutally Honest” conversation about ways the school can grow and become great. The words that keep coming to my mind are: strong, stalwart, robust and confident. He is all of those things and more! What a phenomenal and humble leader he is- to genuinely invite and sit listening to all that his staff had to offer, without a single defensive bone in him. Not a single retort. Just a quiet, humble spirit- taking it all in, recording it all down and now moving into action on all that was said. Wow- I am in awe of this man. And so thankful that God has blessed him as leader of an entire school.

88. Thankful for my time on Tuesday night with Victoria. Thankful that God has blessed her so immensely with a dream-come-true job as an EMT. Thankful for the ways God has continued to passionately pursue her and love on her and hold her secure in the awesome plans He has for her life. Thankful that I get to witness all of that as the years pass. Thankful that I see God alive and working through her.

89. Thankful for my time last night with Jessica. Thankful that we get to embark on this new relationship of mentorship. Thankful that I had Margaret as my guide and model for spiritual mentorship for so many years. Thankful that Margaret has a library of 40+ books awaiting my perusal tomorrow. Thankful that I am in this privileged place of helping guide, shape, steer and pray for a young woman on a regular basis.

90. Thankful for how filling whole grain pancakes are. I love it that I’m fully satisfied and don’t have the munchies.

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