The beauty of how it’s all happening at once

193. You know what amazes me? How so much is going on in this world all at the same time. It’s crazy to think that while I was swimming laps in California……that mushers were being pulled by their sled dogs in Alaska for the ceremonial start of the Iditarod…..all while the 6 astronauts at the International Space Station were in communication with the people in mission control here at SpaceX in Hawthorne, controlling the safe arrival of the Dragon Capsule…’s crazy. Crazy to think of all those things happening simultaneously. And that doesn’t include all the Little League opening ceremonies going on…..and the people shopping at grocery stores…..and the children going hungry in different places in the world……people getting ready for weddings……others weeping at funerals or the death of broken relationships…….there is SO much going on in this world at any given moment. I am thankful that God holds it all in His hands. I am thankful that I can place my faith in His omnipotence and omniscience. Thank you Lord for seeing it all, knowing everything and having unlimited power to be in control of it all. There is sooooooooo much. And yet you see it all and you hold it all. That is awesome beyond what I can even comprehend.

194. I am thankful for the ways that Steve is teaching Jacob to take risks. It seriously cracks me up to no end when we play Ticket to Ride and I hear either one of them announce “I’ll take 3 new destination cards.” I always play it safe; I keep the original 3 destination cards I was dealt at the beginning of the game. They, on the other hand, take the risk of adding more destination cards to their hand. Jacob has completely picked up on this strategy from Steve. Without grave concern for the points they may lose in the process, they always assume it will work out best for them. I guess it shows that both of them are much more of the “half glass full” mindset and are comfortable taking risks if it means possible advancement of points and winning. I know this is a reaaaaaaaaaally far stretch- but I’ve thought to myself: this is the kind of risk-taking adventurous spirit that took men West and went looking for gold in California. These are the kind of risk-taking brave men that are willing to weather the odds that come their way, for the greater goal of amazing opportunity. So today as we played this game and Steve, no joke, ended up with 16 destination cards in his hand……I was both in awe of him and laughing my head off. I wasn’t laughing at him; instead, laughing at how incredibly different we are. There I was clinging to my original 3 cards and he had 16. Wow. What a difference. And then to look over at Jacob and watch him confidently pull off 3 new destination cards to add to his already full hand. He looks up to this adventurous, risk-taking Daddy of his; and I am one pleased Mama that he has such a fine Daddy to gaze at and learn from.

195. “Mama, guess what?!?!!” Wow. That is the question of all questions that my sweet Natalie loves to ask over and over again, prefacing all the incredible things she is just bursting to share about! Tonight it was 26 minutes of “guess what!??!?!” as I sat with her in a phone call, hearing her recount the amazingness of her time spent at Omie’s house. Oh what sweetness. She loves to chat. And apparently she has been talking my mom’s ears off. I will say that all of last night and today our house was incredibly still and quiet. It was amazing to us to realize how full our home is with the bubbly personality of our chatty Natalie. And how empty it is without her. I miss her dearly. But I also know that now she has a treasure of sweet one-on-one time with Omie tucked away in her heart forever. Thank you Lord for that gift to her. Thank you for Omie’s heart and willingness and yearning to spend one-on-one time with Natalie. Thank you for that special invitation. Thank you for all that they have done together and all that Natalie will be recounting in super-detail tomorrow. 🙂

196. I am thankful that Steve is enjoying a fun night out at the men’s UCLA basketball game. I am thankful for his good working relationship with Tom. I am thankful that they get this time to just hang out and be friends together.

197. I am thankful for the ways that Steve encourages me and lets me know how much he appreciates the ways I am growing/teaching our children. I am thankful that he is such a supporter and encourager of our homeschooling. He is a fan and that is without doubt. I appreciate the confidence he instills in me to lesson plan and creatively come up with new ways to teach our kiddos.

198. I am thankful for resources that help make homeschooling so rich.

199. I am thankful for the daily miracle of growth. How awesome it is to know that cells are multiplying and the kids’ bodies are growing, nourished by the good food I provide- but most of all, because of the incredible design of God’s creation of these bodies of ours.

200. I am thankful that I have 200 blessings to record and look back upon. I am excited at the prospect of one day having a 1,000. I love the perspective this exercise of praise gives me.

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