pop-fly & pitching

Today was a special day in the life of Jacob as a baseball player. I wish I could freeze-frame the look of sheer joy that washed over his face the moment he caught a pop-fly. It was the very first pop-fly he ever attempted to catch! And he kept his eye on the ball the whole time, positioned himself on the field as though he had calculated where the end of that arch would have the ball land, stretched out his arm waiting for it to arrive and BAM! that ball smacked straight dab into his glove. And his teammates and all the parents went wild. Shouting, hollering, woohooing! Oh what a precious happy moment for my boy. Oh if I could just capture that look of genuine excitement on his face- his smile stretching wide from ear to ear, his eyes sparkling with out-of-control amazement of what had just happened. It was a perfect catch. But then all of a sudden, instantaneously everyone broke out into yelling for him to do something with that ball! The Diamondbacks had a guy on 1st and on 2nd. Both of the runners had begun to run before that popfly had been caught. They needed to run back to their bases, but getting them out depended on Jacob doing something with that ball. There was immediate loud feedback from everyone for him to kick it into high gear and do something with that ball. Oh the look of mega confusion on his face- what?! huh?! where do I go? What do I do? Where am I supposed to go? But man that kid is smart- he looked straight at his coach at 1st base and listened to what he was saying. So he ran to 1st base, stepped on the bag and got the guy out. The crowd went wild again! Since there was already one out, that caught pop-fly and out at 1st ended the inning. It was awesome beyond awesome.

Not only was there that excitement in the short-stop position for Jacob……but today he was able to pitch in a game for the very first time! Since their Saturday game had been moved to Sunday, Maddox and Benjamin couldn’t pitch. League rule- pitchers must have 2 days off of no pitching between games. So Brady started the game, with Jacob catching. Then Jacob got replaced by Maddox for catching, while Brady got replaced by Moses for pitching. And then near the end of the game the coach brought Jacob in to pitch. I know Jacob was so excited to get to be in reverse roles with Maddox, his new good friend; Jacob as pitcher with Maddox as catcher. Not only that, but he had the fun of pitching to his good friend Jack, on the Diamondbacks. What a fun day for Jacob! To see him out there on the pitching mound with Steve encouraging him from the sidelines- what a sweet picture. It was a great first introduction to the world of pitching. We were so proud of him.

In one game Jacob played catcher, short stop and pitcher. An exciting day for him indeed!

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1 Response to pop-fly & pitching

  1. Omie says:

    Great job, Jacob!!! Fantastic!! Wish I could have been there.
    I am very proud of you. Love, Omie 🙂

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