239 and counting

239. Thankful that this morning I could enjoy sipping hot tea while eating heart-shaped waffles with nutella, strawberries and powdered sugar. My tastebuds were in heaven.

240. Thankful for the joy-filled laughs coming from the backyard. The kiddos are playing soccer and playing so beautifully together. Laughing, joking, smiling, laughing, shouts of glee…..the sound of the ball being kicked around. Happy times.

241. Last night, and many nights, when I finally lie down in bed after a long day of feeling so incredibly spent from working so hard…..oh that glorious feeling of letting my muscles relax and my back stretch. That feeling is one I’m so thankful for. So thankful for the comforts of my bed after a long day of hard work.

242. Thankful for the gift and treasure of children.

243. Thankful for the incredible privilege of getting to stay home with my children. To have an incredible opportunity of quantity time with them. So thankful for all the quality time that comes out of those hours together. Those unexpected moments when one or the other brings up something that offers me a window into their soul and we can have a conversation about bigger things.

244. Thankful that my kiddos can articulate their feelings.

245. Thankful for the happy, happy, happy face I saw on Natalie at the dress rehearsal two nights ago. Her joy was radiating. There’s something about performing on stage that excites her beyond belief. And it is a joy of epic proportions for this mama’s heart to see her so full of joy.

246. Thankful for my hubby and how incredibly hard he works. So thankful that he loves that I homeschool.

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