Two different weekends

It’s amazing how different one weekend can be from another. Amazing to think that two weekends ago it was raining cats and dogs and this past weekend it was hot, hot, hot. Such different activities for each of the weekends too.

The weekend of great rain, I had the great privilege of accompanying Natalie to Legoland for her very first Lego League Challenge. She and her friend Sophie worked for two months in anticipation of this event. They needed to select a natural disaster and then choose whether they would research how people prepare for that disaster, respond or recover. Their research then had to be presented in Legos as well as on a trifold poster board.  They extensively studied how to prepare for floods. They had 10 very specific ways to prepare for a flood that they showed in lego form and spoke about very clearly to the judges:
1) a classroom
2) an amphibious house
3) reservoirs
4) a floodgate
5) a robotic arm
6) boats
7) trees
8) land grading
9) drainage and filtering
10) roads

The girls did phenomenally well!!!!! I was soooooooooooo proud of my Natalie girl and her sweet friend. What a confident, skilled  little lady Natalie is growing up to be.

The following weekend in what felt like mega-heat in comparison, Jacob had his very first AAA Baseball game of the season. He was nervous. Worried about the 50mph baseballs that would be pitched at him when it was his turn at bat. Worried that one of those balls might hit him and injure him. Yeah, I would say that’s intense! Not to mention having all eyes on you while you’re at bat and everyone’s looking to see if you’ll hit the ball. Whoooo-weeeee that takes some confidence and guts to step up to the plate! As an 8-year old he’s the youngest guy on the team; this is a division of the league that is for 9 and 10 year olds. But, he went out for the try-outs and got picked up by the team. What a nervous joy it was for him last weekend. Excited to be in with the big guys….but at the same time nervous about the speed of their throws.

Jacob did amazingly well! When he got up to bat, he hit the ball!!! He got to 1st base and then stole 2nd. He played 2nd base and 3rd base during the game. He had two amazing plays when he got a kid out from the opposing team. It was so awesome seeing his confidence sky-rocket! So proud of my boy!


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