Just dropped off my baby on Wilshire Blvd

Eeks. I just drove away from the main Nikon repair shop where all broken Nikon cameras in Los Angeles go to get repaired. It felt so strange leaving my camera and two lenses there. Bizarre feeling. They wrote down a few numbers, put it all in a cardboard box and said I could anticipate an email within 24 hours of review by a technician. If I approve whatever cost/repair they recommend, it will be 7-10 business days before it is ready for pick-up. I love my camera. I loooooove taking pictures. My photographs are how I chronicle my life and my family’s life. They serve a very important role in the place of my faulty memory. As I drove away, leaving my very important camera with people I didn’t know but somehow am expected to trust, it made me start thinking about all the things/people we trust. Last week when I was at Knott’s Berry Farm getting buckled into a seat of  the crazy insane Supreme Scream 250-ft drop ride, I had the exact same thought: “Wow, I sure am putting a lot of trust in whoever designed this ride and manufactured this safety harness.” I know there are a lot things I trust without even thinking about it. For instance, I trust that other drivers will stop when they see a red light. More than anything I want to remain forever conscious of the fact that the Lord calls me to trust in Him daily.

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