Today’s joy-filled outing

Davy running to Jacob. Greeting Jacob with a MASSIVE waist hug.

Hellos. Smiles. Happiness to be with friends once again.

Presentations in the Nature Center.

Ella-Jayne- Giant Blue Butterfly

Asher- Monster Beetle

Caedmon’s very, very, very 1st presentation ever. He’s only 4 years old. Adorable beyond belief! All about Stink Bugs. Him leaning in close to his Mama. Mustering up lots of courage to be just like the ‘big’ kids. Alison prompting him with great interview questions- and Caedmon responding with expertise. Wonderful!

Orange and black Harlequin Bugs. In abundance. On many, many plants. Clusters of the bugs. So colorful! 2 rows of their tiny eggs. Holding bugs. Watching them flip over.

Beautiful Ice Plants, calling them by many different names.  Wondering about their intricate ‘crystal’ like, bulging water cells.

Audrey slipping her little hand into mine. Wanting to walk together. My heart melts.

“Ice Crystal Plant”….. “Raspberry Plant”

Quite warm and humid picnic spot.

Climbing on fallen trees.

Shows. Surveys. Singing. Dramatic ‘trilling’ performances. Hymns.

The world’s a stage. Quite literally.




Charlee walking right in front of me. Stopping, turning, her toes against mine. Her lifting her arms up straight in the air- a quiet plea to be picked up and carried. Her body not wanting to walk anymore. The sweetest gesture: “Will you please carry me?” That wordless arm-reach….melting my heart.

Big white bird nesting in a tall palm tree.

Kids building a fort.

The awesome breeze and wind on our faces and through our hair as we walked back.

More of the Ice Crystal Plant. Lots of it. Red color everywhere.

Kids picking to make beautiful bouquets.

Kids presenting flowers to their Mamas.


Surprise! the snake in the Nature Center has in the meantime eaten its breakfast mouse, shed its whole skin and pooped! What It all happened within the 5 hours of our time spent out on the trail.

Time flew by.


Sunburned faces.

Oh- wish I would have thought of applying sunscreen.

Feel like a negligent mama.

But I also feel like a good mama- I took my kiddos to the great outdoors today.

We learned. We played. We observed. We deepened our friendships.

A great day!

My heart is glad.

A full day.

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