No more headgear!

Today was a fun surprise kind of day! We scheduled an ortho appointment because one of Jacob’s baby teeth came out yesterday. That tooth was one of the key teeth on which his retainer clamped onto. Now what? We went in wondering what the orthodontist would recommend as a solution. Dr. Hom held the headgear in his hands as he contemplated a solution. And then right there, as if on cue, the headgear snapped and broke. Yup! Just like that. The timing could not have been more perfect. It literally broke from wear and tear of 2 years of usage right there in the hands of the doctor! So, as a result, the doctor announced Jacob could take a vacation for his mouth. No retainer and no headgear. Wow! Whoa! Unexpected news! And so, the assistant was instructed to remove the bands from the back molars of his upper jaw…..and he walked out a free boy. He’s got 2 baby teeth left. Once those fall out and the adult teeth come out, then we can begin Phase 2 of orthodonture. Until then, a few months of vacation for his mouth. It’s so hard to believe that it’s been 2 years since he first started wearing head gear. Time has sure flown by! October 2015- December 28, 2017. Amazing. Jacob has grown so much in those two years. And crazy to think that the headgear was helping reshape the jaw structure of his face, to correct for the overbite of his teeth, all while he slept peacefully at night. Those days are all over. Goodbye headgear.

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