Certificate of Distinguished Achievement

Brimming with pride. I am so deeply proud of what our daughter has been recognized for.

The American Legion Certificate of School Award

This certificate of Distinguished Achievement is awarded to

Natalie Wallis

In recognition of the possession of those high qualities of Courage, Honor, Leadership, Patriotism, Scholarship and Service which are necessary to the preservation and protection of the fundamental institutions of our government and the advancement of society

In the words of Jacob….. “the MVP Award for middle school”

What a tremendous honor bestowed to Natalie by the educators and administrative team of Dana Middle School. Wow.

This little girlie of mine is not so little anymore. She is growing up to be a tremendous woman. This is a mother’s dream come true, to watch one’s daughter growing up possessing and exemplifying such high qualities. To be recognized out of the 200+ 8th graders that were part of her cohort is such an honor. I am just so, so, so, so proud.

I think back to the years when we would sit on the couch reading picture books together. And now here she is ready to head off to high school. Along the way she has been growing, stretching, developing, and also bringing tremendous joy to others. She is a leader and team player. She pours her all into her academics. She volunteers. She spends quality time with friends. She is a gift giver, loving to bake for others. She is polite. She is thoughtful. She is organized and driven. She loves to learn. She both leads and serves. She is an athlete- giving her all on the basketball court and out on the waves as she surfs. She radiates joy. She can as easily carry on conversations with adults, as she can with her peers. She is full of integrity. She is grateful for so much. She treasures her relationship with her Creator. She loves going to youth group, and growing in her faith. She is a marvel to me…..I simply cannot wait to see what incredible contributions she will make in our society. Clearly she’s already being noticed and recognized for being incredible. I am beyond proud of her. Actually, bursting with pride.

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