Earthquake & Vancouver

April 6, 2014

This week was a whirlwind week. Last Friday at 9:09pm the earth shook strongly. A 5.3 earthquake with its epicenter in La Habra, CA. I had just tucked the kids into bed after coming home late from a chess tournament of theirs. The kids were not yet fully asleep when the powerful, rolling earthquake hit. As soon as I learned of the epicenter, I knew I needed to call my mom. Her home is very near La Habra.  Indeed it had been scary for her. If I lived by myself I too would be very scared! Unfortunately, the timing of things are sometimes not ideal…..and while she clung to her walls, she received a phone call that left her incredibly upset. Her beloved brother in Canada was dying. They weren’t sure if he would make it through the night. At the sound of that news I knew I needed to jump in my car and head to my mom’s house. She had been jolted by both tectonic plates and shocking news of her brother. I needed to spend the night with her and offer my comfort.

The next day Saturday we discussed whether or not she wanted to fly to Canada and try to still see him. Would he make it? A mid-morning phone call confirmed that he had made it through the night. Our beloved family shared with us that chances were very, very slim and that if she wanted to see him we ought to catch a plane to Vancouver that same night.

Wow. The whirlwind began. Moving into high gear, my sister, husband and I were each on a computer trying to find flights from LA to Vancouver. We looked online and we called airlines directly. Nothing. No flights could be found that still had seats. All flights both Saturday and Sunday that were headed to Vancouver were completely sold out. Wow. What options were left?

There were 3 seats left on a flight leaving from LA to Seattle that next morning at 6am. We had to jump on the opportunity. It was our only way of getting closer to my uncle. We bought two one-way tickets to Seattle. By the time we had finished doing this research, packing, driving back to my house and finishing up to-do’s that needed to be done in my absence, I got 2 hours of sleep that night. Off we left to the airport at 4:00am.


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