He’s back home

August 12, 2017

It is so good to have Jacob back home. I missed him sorely this past week. It was a very, very big week for him……heading off to Hume Lake with the OCF Youth Group for the very 1st time. My mama’s heart is so happy to have him back home. But in the course of this past week I can already see how good it was for him to stretch his wings and fly from our nest. He has come back with a maturity. He has come back with the confidence that comes from having made decisions on his own for a week and the joy in sharing/talking about a life that he led on his own. My baby boy is growing up.

I am so thankful that he had such a fulfilling time.

I am so thankful that the very first thing he shared about on the car ride home was about the speaker and the impactful messages he shared.

To hear Jacob recounting the story about how people train for years and years to climb Mt. Everest, but when they reach the peak they are only allowed to be there 15 minutes. And that they need to be careful on the descent because most deaths occur on the descent. That we are not meant to live our lives at the peak. That though campers enjoy themselves at Hume and would wish for life to be like that all year round, it’s not what life is about. That they go there to experience Hume for just a short while, and then to descend the mountain intentional of sharing what they learned.

This. This is what it’s all about. He got it. Lord thank you for your Holy Spirit’s moving in his life this week. Thank you that in the midst of all the fun and games, He heard your voice. Thank you that the very first things on his lips was to share with us his heart’s intent to come back down that mountain with a purpose and intentionality. Thank you for what lies ahead. Thank you for the friendships you were forming for him during this week. Thank you for the ways those friendships will be critical and crucial to his growth in these coming years of junior high and high school. Thank you for pulling him off the waitlist and allowing him this opportunity this summer. Thank you for all the people who poured their hearts and energy into Jacob this week to help grow and develop his faith and his character. Thank you for words like ‘honor’ and ‘valor’ that were core to the message. Thank you that as he lay his head on his pillow tonight he said “Mama, Daddy, I just don’t have words to explain it all. It was just so awesome. There is so much I wish I could explain, but I just don’t have words for. Could you sign up to be counselors next year so that you could experience it and know what it’s all about?” Oh the sweetness. His heart’s desire to be understood. To share the bond of the awesomeness of camp with us. To want us to be in on what was so life-changing for him. Thank you for that sweetness Lord.

But Lord my heart breaks too. He shared that the low-point was when all the cabins were having the competition of who could pick up the most trash. Jacob was crouched down picking up an item of trash. Another camper came and squashed Jacob’s hand with his foot and told him to let go of the item, so that he could have dibs on it. Jacob asked him to get off of his hand. But the kid didn’t. And then the kid formed a fist and punched Jacob in the back, causing him to sprawl to the ground. What kind of jerk kid does that? When Jacob shared that, my heart sank. I’m so saddened to think that Jacob had his first encounter with a bully. Someone who in the midst of a camp experience would stoop so low for a few competitive points, to punch him. Lord that broke my heart. Lord, I would love to protect him forever from people like that. But I know that I can’t. The shock and surprise that must have washed over him. He said he lay there on the ground crying. I can understand why. He’s had no experience of meanness like this. He had no reason to have his guard up. I pray oh Lord that you protect Jacob’s heart. I pray that this first encounter with meanness and someone breaking the two all-important camp rules of “don’t touch other people and don’t touch other people’s stuff” doesn’t cause Jacob to grow guarded. I pray that you would allow him to feel safe and to be guarded against future harm.

Thank you for his J-Hi leaders Ryan and Jack. Thank you for the words of wisdom and encouragement you poured through them into Jacob. I pray for his relationship with them. I pray that these 3 years to come, in the OCF Junior High Youth Group, that you would speak mightily through Ryan and Jack. They will be part of the story of Jacob’s life and his growth. I pray that they would be closely connected with you oh Lord, so that they in turn could pour your truth and love into him, during each of their shared moments. It’s such a beautiful feeling to know that others are intentionally carving out time out of their lives to spend time with my son. It makes me feel so grateful.

I look forward with great anticipation of how friendships will unfold for Jacob in these junior-high years of his life. I pray oh Lord that He will seek you out daily, to guide and direct his steps and decisions. I pray that whatever work you began at Hume this week in his heart and mind, would be something that has enduring effects his whole life long. I thank you that he was able to memorize the 5 Scripture verses of this week as well as the 4 verses from last year’s camp. Oh Lord I don’t know yet what those 9 verses are, but I pray that you make those verses super duper sticky in his heart and mind. I pray that your Word would be holy and sacred to him his whole life long. I pray that your Holy Spirit would call to his attention the words of those verses in the moments when they matter most. Thank you Lord that he is yours. Thank you that I can entrust him to you. Thank you that you love him even more than I do. Thank you for reaching out to him this week at Hume. I give him to you oh Lord and ask that whoever you are growing him up to be, that he would have his heart and mind fastened on you, your ways and your desires for his life. Fill him up oh Lord as he sleeps tonight, with beautiful memories of camp.

I can’t wait to hug him again in the morning.

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