Running with the baton

June 1, 2014

Today I officially handed over the baton of leadership to someone who once was my club kid. It was a beautiful feeling. A moment that had incredible depth and meaning for me. Publicly, in front of very consistent, generous donors of over 10 years of ministry I was able to introduce Yvette. She, who once was a sophomore in high school who tried to evade my welcoming hug on her first night of club was now standing before our banquet guests sharing her heart’s conviction of how Jesus in the only answer for the hurt, pain and loneliness that so many teenagers feel. She, who once cringed at the thought of being in conversation at the center of someone’s focused attention, was now standing at the head of the room with a captive audience to her every word. A girl who once lacked confidence is now a woman who radiates confidence. She has come to know her worth and value in the Lord. A girl who once had thick walls guarding her heart is now a woman whose heart is sensitive to the condition of multitudes of teenagers. 

I am so thankful that in the summer of 2006, Kirk the appointed Young Life speaker at the Woodleaf summer camp, was used by God to pierce Yvette’s heart and give stickiness to the fact that Jesus’ cross shouts and screams and whispers “I love you.” I am so thankful for the design of camp to carve out 15 minutes of silence in a teenager’s life.

Here she is now….walking around meeting and greeting donors, sharing her story and her heart’s convictions.

Thank you Jesus.

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