A knife cutting my brain in half

It is the most bizarre feeling in the world. I picture a serrated knife sawing down the middle of my brain, literally leaving each half of my brain sitting there by itself. I have never had such a distinct feeling of the two hemispheres of my brain working independently of each other. Okay, I know that’s a pretty gruesome picture. But honestly it’s the most bizarre feeling- I haven’t ever felt like this before, where the timing and movement of my left hand need to match the timing of my right hand, but with a different movement. It is SO weird. I am learning to play the piano, along with Jacob.

We have just learned our first song: “Dreams Come True”.  It is a sweet song that has both the left hand and right hand playing at the same time, but different notes. We are enrolled in a program called “Simply Piano”, a new style of learning piano. It is not the traditional method of learning scales, chords and reading sheet music. By year’s end we will be able to play 30 songs that are a bit of contemporary music, classical, blues and accompaniment. It’s about learning music through the use of finger patterns. A man from Australia originally developed the system when parents of a blind boy asked him if their son could still be taught to play piano. I’m so intrigued! So this year it’s all about playing music using finger patterns.

And then next year begins the study of reading the notes on paper. Let me tell you…..trying to play the left hand, right hand and even trying to sing the words at the same time has been a significant challenge to my mind. To do disconnected things with my brain and in the process make music, is quite awesome!!! It feels so good and strange at the same time to feel this happening inside of my mind…..the challenge, the obstacle and then the accomplishment through practice.

It’s awesome to be at a place where Jacob, Steve and I are all on the same page and we are all progressing at something together……slowly but surely. The program requires that the student come with a coach so that together we can practice at home. I love it that I’m getting a 2-for-1 deal, paying for Jacob to get piano, but at the same time getting to learn as well.  Really it’s a 3-for-1 deal, because we’re teaching Steve what we learn. And Natalie is now asking “can I learn too Mama?” so it might even be a 4-for-1 deal.

I’ve always wanted to play the piano and now’s my chance. I’m really excited. And I already feel successful. Woohooo!!! Here’s to a year of piano.

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