A sweetness

This morning is a special one. A precious one. One that my heart is handling ever so gently and holding onto so dearly. So many pieces have come together. We put in the 1st cd of an audio collection of the New Testament. As the kids were listening they heard the name of Satan. Who is that? A conversation ensued about hell. About how some people believe in God and Jesus and some people don’t. About how we have earthly, physical bodies that will die one day and be buried. But that we also have spirits that will spend all of eternity either in heaven or hell, either with God or apart from God, depending on if we chose to believe and desire God in our lifetime. I read to them Luke 16:19-30. We talked about Narnia and how there are two teams: God’s team and Satan’s team. Both kids earnestly said they want to be on God’s team. So I was sitting on Steve’s comfy leather “thinking chair” as we call it. Jacob had climbed up on my lap and was intently listening and looking into my eyes as I was telling him about all of this. It was as though light itself was pouring out from heaven through the living room window, rays of bright light directly onto Jacob’s face. He bowed his head and said he wanted to pray. “Dear God, when I grow up I really want to be on your team.” I sat there beholding my son’s face, with my eyes full to the brim with tears, a radiance of light shining upon my precious sweet boy with his head bowed and his heart bowed in worship of our Lord. Thank you Lord for this precious moment this morning. Thank you. And now he sits on the couch listening to chapters of the audio Bible. Thank you for this depth. Thank you too that Natalie with great earnestness said that she too wants to be on your team for all of her lifetime. She said she was thinking a prayer in her head. Pure sweetness. Double joy this morning. This is my prayer Lord- would these desires of their hearts hold fast for all the years of their life.

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2 Responses to A sweetness

  1. alexis says:

    I am crying happy tears with you :’)

    • marinaccini says:

      Thank you Alexis. I am full of emotion and on the verge of crying right now. We’re into the 10th chapter of the audio bible right now. Hearing Jim Caviezel’s voice speaking all of Jesus’ words is bringing back all the visually impactful scenes from “The Passion of the Christ”. I’m imagining the life and work of our Lord, hearing His words spoken in our living room right now and thinking of all that He has done for us and the kids’ conversation this morning……and, yeah, I’m full of emotion right now. It might just spill over into tears today throughout the day, I’m guessing. Thank you for sharing in my teary experience today.

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