Double the sweetness

So this morning I wrote about the sweetness of Jacob sitting on my lap with his head bowed in prayer before our Lord, asking to be with Him on His team for the rest of his life. After that we packed up a picnic basket and our sand toys to head over to the beach. We haven’t been in ages. Other than one grandma who was there with her granddaughter Alexandria, who were passing time waiting for their 6pm flight back to Vancouver, Canada, we were the only ones on the whole beach. It was glorious. December 8th, middle of winter, a gorgeous sunny California day, the beach all to ourselves. This is the kind of day where I just loooooooooove being a stay at home mom and home school teacher. I was stoked that this could be our exercise/be-outside “playground” time.  After about an hour and a half of playing, Natalie came over, plopped down in my little chair and said “Mama, I’d like to tell God I want to be on His team too.” Wow!! Out of nowhere!! Granted, we had been having the conversation this morning but it astounded me that her 4-year old mind had been contemplating and somehow tossing around the idea as the day continued. And that all of a sudden in the middle of her beach play-time she decided it was a great time. It was the moment. And so there she sat in my little beach chair, my mama eyes glued on her face. An equally glorious moment of the radiant sunshine illuminating her face, just as had happened to frame Jacob’s face in the morning during his prayer. Thank you God for that light. You know how much I love light. The lighting on both of them was absolutely heavenly and glorious. I sat there on my knees holding out my hand and touching her leg. She took in a deep breath as though somehow in her young mind she knew this was a big thing. She asked if I could say the prayer. I told her this was a decision and important commitment for her to make with her words. But I knew what she needed. She was asking, without knowing how, for me to lead her in a prayer. And so I did. “Dear God, I would like to invite you to live in my heart. Forever. I invite your Spirit to come live in me. One day I would like to live in your big, big house and live eternally with you. I want to be on your team God. Amen.” I hugged her. Today was a big day for her. And I just love what a reminder it was to me that when God calls, everyone responds at their own timing. Natalie wanted to respond this afternoon. I absolutely just love it that her mind pondered it for hours and hours. And I know that many other opportunities have arisen where we have spoken about one day inviting God to live in your heart. And she’s always listened with interest. And yet today she made a step. Her own step. Her own timing. And so I took a picture of her, sitting there in that chair, right after we prayed together. Oh Lord I give you Natalie and ask her to care for her, lead her, love her, encourage her, and reveal her purpose and beauty as your beloved daughter. May the rest of her days here on earth be all steps closer and closer to knowing and serving you. Amen.

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1 Response to Double the sweetness

  1. Courtney Cash says:

    Good gracious – what a day indeed! Such an extra special gift to be a part of it. 🙂 Congratulations!

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