Magical moments & Wishes for wells

A magical night……..the first time I can remember having a date night with the hubby at Disneyland. We stood there on Main Street soaking up the beautiful lights and Christmas decor… mind simultaneously in awe of the complexity and magnificence of the fireworks while also pondering the water crisis around the world and wondering how many thousands of people could have wells drilled for them with the money that is spent here to amuse all of us. Ugh. A fabulous and yet frustrating moment. Wanting to enjoy the moment in “The Happiest Place on Earth”. And yet feeling guilty for enjoying it. Wishing I could just blissfully think of the beauty of the fireworks. And yet consciously aware that somewhere today hundreds and thousands of women walked for hours on end to get a container-full of water to trudge back to their village with. I’ve watched a few videos recently from organizations like “Water First” and “Charity Water”. Compelling. Deeply compelling.

And yet, magically for a moment I was transported to that place of sheer joy and bliss when all of a sudden at the end of the fireworks display, fresh snow started falling from the sky on everyone on  Main Street. That was totally unexpected! What a fun, fun surprise!!!! Music played about having a white Christmas. Snowflakes were sticking to people’s hair and jackets. Steve and I just stood there in each other’s arms, smiling, holding each other close. For that moment all I thought about was how glad I was to be married to this man. Gratitude filled my mind. Deep, deep gratitude.

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