A picnic at DaVinci

Today was another glorious day. Natalie asked if we could please have a picnic. Sure! So we surprised daddy with a picnic lunch at work. Natalie was glowing with delight! Sitting on the grass, with our green checkered tablecloth serving as a blanket. The fun tablecloth she loves so much with the fringe of white pom poms; a remnant of my past (something my mom made in the 70’s and we now take with us anywhere we head out for a picnic). Argentinian Lomito steak sandwiches, peach Snapple iced tea and a thick slice of Costco’s heavenly chocolate cake.

As we sat there enjoying each other’s company in the glorious sun, we had the joy of watching a group of high school students jumping rope. So awesome to watch. There they were, a group of high school teenagers, swinging a long jumprope, jumping in….jumping out….singing songs “Teddy bear teddy bear turn around…..teddy bear teddy bear touch the ground.” That was simply awesome. I absolutely love stepping foot on DaVinci’s campus and being taken to another world of pure awesomeness. And then just like that, magically, with no loud annoying bell ringing, all the students walked back to class. It’s really magical how it happens. They all just know what time it is and responsibly return. Phenomenal to watch.

And that’s when Natalie began playing “Daddy Jungle Gym”. Climbing up on his shoulders, him trying to throw her off balance and she trying with all her might to hold on tight. A fabulously fun morning.

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