A new look for Natalie

On Sunday Steve was cutting Jacob’s hair. Natalie asked, “Daddy can you cut my hair too?” Steve glanced at me silently asking with his eyes “is that okay with you?” Getting her hair cut? Sure. By Steve? Um no. No offense to Steve- he does an awesome job cutting Jacob’s hair as well as his own. Love, love, love how much money he saves us with that pair of scissors and buzzer! But cutting girls hair is different. I know because one time I tried giving Natalie a bit of a trim and though I tried my best to end on the left side at the same length I had cut the right side- yeah, it didn’t work out that way. And this time she was requesting a very short, above the shoulder cut.

So on Tuesday while Jacob was at Aladdin rehearsal, she and I headed over to SuperCuts. She was jumping for joy that I was taking her “to a beauty salon in public!” That’s what she kept saying and how she has recounted the story to various people. Perhaps the “public” part of her excitement is because last week in her preschool class they played “beauty salon”. But this was for real!

I’m not sure exactly how it happened…..but in cutting 6 inches (I’m guessing)…..she somehow gained about 4 years in age. She looks like an older girl to me now. And boy did she walk out of there with an extra step in her gait. She’s one very very mature little girl for a 4 1/2 year old. I sure do love my Natalie to pieces!!

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