Morning High & Afternoon Low

by: Jacob Wallis

High Tide

Loud, Wet

Splashing, Tumbling, Crashing

For six hours the moon’s gravity pulled the water

Calming, Relaxing, Stepping

Quiet, Dry

Low Tide

Oh the beauty of experiencing high tide and low tide in the same day! I didn’t even know there was such a thing as “negative” low tide. But with this week’s full moon, the low tide was incredible! In the morning, seeing all the water crashing up against the peninsula and hearing the tumbling of hundreds of rocks as they were swept back with waves was quite awesome! But man oh man did their jaws drop when we returned later in the afternoon, down the same pathway and  all that water had receded. That was exactly the reaction I was hoping to elicit: pure eye-opening awe and amazement. And that is how I like to teach about tides. So this morning when I taught Jacob the structure of diamante poems, my heart fluttered with joy at how he could recall his experience from a few days ago and write this poem with such precise word choice. The experience was real and stuck. Success!

High Tide. 8:30am.






Low Tide. 2:30pm

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1 Response to Morning High & Afternoon Low

  1. oh, the joy of a negative tide! did you guys go down in the midst of it and explore in the nooks and crannies? our favorite place to go tidepooling is abalone cove, palos verdes. it is incredible. and jacob’s poem is so impressive! thanks for sharing.

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