Coffee served with a smile

Yesterday morning as Steve headed to the kitchen to make some coffee, Natalie zoomed past him to beat him there. “Daddy, daddy can I pllllleeeeeeeeease make your coffee for you???”

She had watched Steve make it several times and now she felt ready to do it all on her own. She didn’t even want Steve standing on the same side of the counter. Ha! She wanted to be Miss little independent making the coffee all by herself. So Steve sat at the counter on one of the stools, watching her pour the coffee beans into the grinder, grind them up, put the filter in place, pour the grounds in, pour the right amount of water in and turn it on. Quite impressive I think for a 4 1/2 year old.

Natalie stood there with a mug in hand waiting, waiting, waiting as the coffee brewed. She was bursting with excitement at the thought of getting to serve Daddy his morning coffee. When it was finally ready, she lifted up that full coffee pot, carefully poured it into the mug, descended the two steps of her kitchen ladder and with the greatest, proudest smile in the world served daddy his coffee. A very, very sweet start to the morning.


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