A satisfying Saturday

What a satisfying Saturday.

• Breakfast @ Noah’s Bagels






• Watched the live stream from Alaska of the ceremonial start of the Iditarod. Totally cracks me up- Jacob picked Anna & Kristy Barrington to follow in the race. As the commentators said today, “they are not so tough on the eyes.” Nope. They’re gorgeous twins. Hard-core. Fit. Each racing this 975-mile trek across Alaska on their one-person sled with their pack of dogs.











• We all took naps

• Planted seeds; hopefully we’ll have gorgeous flowers soon!






• Gazed at the 4 hummingbirds who call our backyard their home






• Gushed with pride for Natalie as she made her 1st successful shot in our basketball hoop. And then continued to make more for a count of 10 successful shots!








• Tried a new spinach quiche recipe that called for feta cheese and heard Steve say “this is t-h-e best quiche I’ve ever eaten in my life!”

This day has left me feeling quite happy and satisfied.

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