Rohn & Rainy Pass

Day 1 (yesterday, Sun. 3/4/12) 2:30pm-3pm. Our mushers left Willow, the official start of the Iditarod

Day 2 (today, Mon. 3/5/12) 10:40 pm

Lance Mackey (#18) & DeeDee Jonrowe (#17) are at Rohn. 0mph

Anna Barrington (#33), Kristy Barrington (#31) & Trent Herbst (#16) are all at Rainy Pass. 0 mph.

Unbelievable! Over 100 miles of sledding with their dogs! Geez I love GPS. This is unbelievable technology. But even more unbelievable is how incredible these people are- how resolute and hardy they are in these conditions that would be just unfathomably cold and lonely to me.

It is just unbelievable to me when I see Dee Dee, for instance, a 58-year old woman who is a cancer survivor toughing out weather of 3 degrees Fahrenheit (that really feels like -6 with the wind chill). Unreal. I’m just humbled. Here she is with her eyelashes laden with icicles, coming in to a checkpoint. Man oh man I really wish I had even an iota of this type of toughness in me!

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