Finger Lake

As we were sleeping in our cozy beds, mushers in frigid cold Alaska were running through pitch black darkness. I can’t even fathom what it must be like to be enveloped in the complete black of the night with only the light of your headlamp lighting the way for you and your pack of 16 dogs.

The kids were super excited and eager to check online for the Iditarod GPS Tracker as soon as they woke up this morning. How much land had our mushers traversed while we were sleeping?

They all passed the Skwetna checkpoint and are on their way to Finger Lake! And this morning as we’re here watching, Lance Mackey just arrived at Finger Lake!!! So incredible watching his speed go from 9mph to 0mph. He’s at a stop. Woohoo! Following him are DeeDee Jonrowe and behind her is Trent Herbst. A further way back are the twins: Kristy and Anna.

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