The two he read

This afternoon there was a “Poetry Jam” that the teachers at Jacob’s school organized and held at our local Barnes & Noble Bookstore. Many, many students walked up to the mic with confidence and recited their poetry. If I think back to myself as a 6-year old, I don’t think I would have walked up so bravely and recited poetry in front of a large audience in a public location like that. I love how at DaVinci these students are learning the art of public speaking at such a young age. What a cool thing!

Jacob recited two of the Haiku poems he wrote. He loved being able to count out the syllables of each line, making sure there was a 5 syllable, 7 syllable, 5 syllable pattern in the lines of the poem.

“Natalie’s Owee”

Natalie’s screaming

She fell down off the scooter

She’s really upset

“Obnoxious Jacob”

He blows fart kisses

He does not handle sugar

He’s out of control

I was only able to snap a picture of Jacob waiting in line. His turn was next after this girl who is on the mic. As soon as she was done, I turned on my camera to video mode. I wanted to capture his every utterance on video for posterity’s sake. He was beaming in his blue shirt. My happy boy.

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