They seriously crack me up!!

This morning Jacob was trying to figure out the best order for the program for his upcoming piano concert. A mini concert that is. In his piano class he just gets to play snippets here or there of the pieces he’s learned. He is so excited to get to play the pieces he knows in their entirety for an audience of family and friends. Anyway, so here we were talking about songs…..Minuet in G……Für Elise……Ode to Joy…..and a bunch of blues songs he loves. Well, this morning I also saw a Facebook post from his music school, showing a YouTube clip of a 29-year old woman who was born deaf but through the use of amazing technology was able to hear her voice for the first time. Well it’s a clip of a woman taken by complete surprise and intense, intense emotion sweeps over her. She starts crying. And you can tell from the tears that she is just overwhelmed with joy at the beauty of sound. So, of course I had to show it to the kids. It made for a great illustration about how grateful we can be for the ability to listen to music. Well, then, of course since my brain works wonders at spider-webbing and being all over the place, I brought the conversation back to Jacob’s music playlist. We had a conversation of the great composers: Mozart, Beethoven and Bach. I asked Jacob if he knew which one was born deaf. Yes- the answer: Beethoven. So we talked about how he could “hear” music in his mind and then would compose those pieces. Amazing! Well so then we looked at his playlist to determine which pieces in his program were written by this deaf composer. So then we began looking at the other pieces and writing in the names of those composers. On Saturday Natalie will be announcing each piece to our “audience”- so she was taking extra special note of this conversation. Well this is where the kids seriously started cracking me up. These are the kinds of memories I want to hold onto. 🙂

Me: “Who wrote Minuet in G?”

Natalie: “Martin Buser”

Me: “Huh? Martin Buser?? Where did you get that name from?” 

It didn’t ring any bells for me.

Jacob: “Mozart”

Natalie: “Noooooo it was Martin Buser”

Jacob: “Nooooooo it was Mozart”

Me: “Well let’s look it up”……”oh that’s interesting… says here in wikipedia….that up until 1970 Bach was credited for it…..but now it is universally attributed to Christian Petzold.”

Me: “Guys who wrote ‘Scarborough Fair’?”

Natalie: “MARTIN BUSER!!!!”

Me: “There you go again with Martin Buser. Where is that name coming from??”

(and then it dawned on me)

Me: “Ohhhhhh Martin Buser was one of the mushers in the Alaskan Iditarod. Natalie you are soooooo silly!!!”

(thinking to myself….how in the world does a musher’s name get stored in my little 4-year old daughter’s mind?!?  That was 6 months ago that we followed the Iditarod race! She is sooooooo hilarious!!)

Me: “Noooo, Martin Buser did not write ‘Scarborough Fair’. Who wrote it?”

Jacob: “It was Ben and Jerry!!!!”

Jacob said this with COMPLETE confidence he had arrived at the correct answer!

Okay at this point I was seriously almost rolling on the floor with laughter. Natalie this whole time had been laughing her head off each time she shouted out Martin Buser’s name. She was TOTALLY doing it for comedic value. But Jacob on the other hand said “Ben and Jerry” with a total straight face. Somewhere in his mind he remembered that the song had been written by two guys. But hooooooow in the world it pulled out the names of the two guys who made ice cream…….oh my goodness I was roaring with laughter. We all were. Laughing. Laughing. Laughing.

Finally after being able to breathe again…

Me: “No it was SSSSSSSSSS………..”

Trying to give them a hint. They were looking at me with puzzled faces.

Me: “Simon and……..”

Natalie: “GARFUNKLE!!!!”

There she goes. Martin Buser girl……getting the right answer. Natalie surprises me like that. Sometimes I think she purposefully hides her brilliance and then just out of nowhere shares it with us to catch us all by surprise. I can’t figure out if she purposefully hides her knowledge or just waits for the opportune time after she has all of us laughing with her silliness. She is a riot!

Me: “Ding. Ding. Ding. Yes!”

Oh the joy of laughter. I love these kiddos to pieces!

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