Feeling proud

I’m smiling. Today was great!!!

Started off with getting Natalie ready for Pirate’s Day at preschool. Can I tell you how I stoked I am that just a few weeks ago while I was in the toy shop in Solvang, I bought an awesome set of face paint! A year ago I was in that same shop and contemplated the purchase, but decided against it. But today I was ready and super happy to have face paint on hand. It was sooooo much fun painting Natalie’s face!

Check out the aluminum foil hook we created.

I spent hours and hours putting together an appreciation gift for Natalie’s preschool teacher. Don’t have a picture to show for the album I created. It had beautiful poems I had collected from each mom, sweet drawings each student had made for Mrs. Varey and hundreds upon hundreds of pictures I had taken over the course of the year, all with captions highlighting the awesomeness of her creativity and amazing thematic units. That was a H-U-G-E project! When we presented it to her, you could see it meant the world to her. That made my heart happy.

Also made this framed picture of the students as a gift to her.

And then the night ended with a phenomenal music concert! The caliber of the music that Jacob and his peers can now play is simply amazing to me. I have to say my heart swelled SO full with pride when I opened the program and saw Jacob’s name in print for a solo in the opening piece. The recorders began playing their notes. Jacob sat at attention with his fingers in place on the keys of the piano. He waited for just the right moment to take the cue from the conductor. As he played his way through “Star Spangled Banner” and nailed all the left and right hand chord changes, my heart seriously swelled to a point of bursting. Tears came to my eyes. God has blessed Jacob with musical talent- that is a for sure! Thank you God. Thank you. I am SO thankful for his music teacher who has taught him so much. Music is going to be a significant part of Jacob’s life- I just have this hunch.

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