Communion with Jacob

19. This morning as we walked into church and Steve walked to shuttle the kids to their Sunday School classes, Jacob slowed down in his pace and inquired “but isn’t today the last Sunday of the month???” “Yes! It has to be because it’s the 25th of November” he said aloud, confirming his own inquiry and thought that indeed it was the last Sunday. I knew exactly what would follow in conversation. He has been hoping, waiting, longing for the day that he could be a part of Communion with everyone else in the church body. And today was that day apparently, unbeknownst to Steve and I. We had put it off for awhile- always thinking that he was too young or perhaps he didn’t grasp its significance. I thank God for prompting Jacob’s heart; this was a yearning of Jacob’s heart to be in communion with the Lord. I thank God for the gift of His Holy Spirit that nudged Jacob and reminded him that today was the day. I love it that Jacob desires to grow in his faith and display his faith. So this morning Jacob sat with us through the worship songs, through the sermon and received into his 7-year old hands the Eucharist. Watching him hold the cracker and the cup of juice reminded me of a prayer I prayed many years ago. I prayed in earnestness when Steve and I were trying desperately to conceive a child, “Oh Lord, just as Hannah made a vow to you, saying ‘O Lord Almighty, if you will only look upon your servant’s misery and remember me, and not forget your servant but give her a son, then I will give him to the Lord for all the days of his life.'” (1 Samuel 1:11) The Lord gave us Jacob. And this morning I was reminded as my son yearned to be praising and worshiping God, that God also heard and answered my prayer when I dedicated Jacob to the Lord, before we even knew him as Jacob. Before he had even been knit together in my womb. I am thankful that our years of sadness of being childless could be celebrated today as I looked down upon my son’s hands carefully holding the elements of communion. Thank you Lord for him. Thank you for his heart. Thank you for already calling him unto you.

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