A full day

There’s so much to write about, but my emotions are full and I’m pooped. Just want to jot down these notes so I can remember and come back and spill my thoughts later. Lots of beautiful stories about ‘journeys’- Andy, Trish, Jenny @ the OCF Women’s Tea. Spending an afternoon with my mom at a tea. A date night out with Steve to see the ‘Abe Lincoln’ movie; thinking deeply about all that was entailed to abolish slavery in this country. Coming home to see my mom with a Snow White tatoo on her forearm- graced by Natalie. Seeing Jacob on the video I took of him presenting all about Holland to his classmates. Natalie and her blue-markered hands/arms as she colored and then rocked out on her ‘electric guitar’ made of wood. Schoelbak. Good times. And earlier this week- Wednesday at Disneyland, closing the chapter of our lives of annual pass holders. Spending the evening in a magical way with Steve, the kids and their grandparents and great-grandparents. So much to be thankful for. Oh and how could I forget! I met my personal deadline! I packed emergency-preparedness kits for our home and car all by the end of Thanksgiving weekend! Yay!!! That’s the the biggest load off of my conscience. 🙂

Goodnight. Perhaps I’ll come back and record details later. I’m off to la-la land. 🙂

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