Still counting

45. Red poinsettia plants. They’re just gorgeous. I love the deepness of the red leaves. I love the shape of the plant. I love how they give a splash of color to all the stores selling them. Perhaps too it’s because it reminds me of my wedding day. We got married in a church that had poinsettia plants all over for that month of December.

46. The choice of apples. Today as we were waiting for passport pictures, Natalie and Jacob said they were hungry. We walked into Pavilions and looked around at options. Within a few minutes Natalie shouted “an apple!! I’d love an apple!!!” And then Jacob chimed in: “me too! me too!” So we each picked one out. Natalie- McIntosh. Jacob- Braeburn. Mama- Fuji. Thankful for children who self-select and enjoy healthy snacks.

47. “But Mooooooooooooom, what about the protein part of dinner??!?!” Natalie exclaimed in horror as I announced it was bedtime. We had been out and about, setting up for the Young Life Christmas party and taking Jacob to his music concert rehearsal. So dinner was on the run……chips from the YL setup……….pizza slices from the music Christmas party….a cookie here…..a cookie there…. Yup, that’s right, no protein for dinner tonight.

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