Christmas on the 23rd

48. Prime Rib. Yum. Pure yumminess.

49. Snap Circuits. “Mama I can’t wait until tomorrow! I want it to be tomorrow already!” were Jacob’s words as I tucked him into his sleeping bag tonight. Grammy and Grandpa’s gift to him of ‘Snap Circuits’ was a huge hit! Hee already completed the first 10 circuits displayed in the manual. With a grand total of 101 offered in the manual, Jacob just can’t wait for the morning sun to show itself and give him time to accomplish more circuitry work. The love of accomplishment…..lights blinking….sounds…..rotating fan…..all as circuits are successfully closed. Super cool.

50. Steve and Dave playing Backgammon together. Two grown brothers enjoying a game of their childhood.

51. The joy of a girl whose primary love language is gifts. Wrapping presents with zeal. Checking all the presents under the tree. Waiting with major eager anticipation for gift-giving and gift-opening time! A million questions “when will it be time to open presents??” Jumping with joy at Aunt Kerry’s announcement that Jude would be woken up in 5 minutes for the gift time to commence. Ringing of a silver bell. Literal jumping up and down. Squeals of joy. The language of gifts speaking volumes and volumes to this little 5 year old of mine.

52. Pretty pinwheel pastry appetizers.

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