All kinds of happy

Steve and I went out tonight to celebrate our 15th anniversary. Woohoo!!!!! 15 years!!!

We drove to Westwood with the plan of first buying tickets to tonight’s UCLA vs. Missouri basketball game and then heading to a Mediterranean cuisine restaurant with awesome reviews on Yelp.

corsageSteve surprised me with a stop at a florist in Westwood. He had called ahead and ordered a corsage!!!! Aaaaaaaaawwwwwwww. Mega points for thoughtfulness!!!! He had even requested the ribbons to be blue and gold. I was giggling with delight at the thoughtfulness and also laughing at the thought of walking into a sporting event donning a corsage. Who does that?! Well, Steve Wallis does that. 🙂 And though I was wearing my UCLA zip up hoodie and jeans, I was going to wear that corsage with style and enjoy the mega sweetness of his thoughtfulness. I was thankful for being thought of by my hubby and the steps he took to plan for that treasured feeling.

Off we went to the box office at Pauley Pavilion. The place looks sooooooo cool!!! It’s fabulous how they constructed a new facade around the old, existing building. Although seriously we didn’t know whether to laugh or be shocked that the architects and engineers of this new beautiful building didn’t have enough foresight to realize that in inclement weather rainwater comes cascading down the new beautiful front and onto the Box Office window counters. So we stood there waiting with other patient Bruin fans as we watched the ticket sales staff try to soak up and slough off all the water that had pooled in the area under the glass where customers and ticket sales staff make exchanges of tickets for cash. Sooooo much water was being swooshed out of that pooled area and sloughed off the counters all while trying not to get the waiting customers in line wet in the process. Steve and I were shocked that better planning had not happened. That’s the kind of detail I would expect to be attended to in a $136 million renovation. Don’t you think? I know it’s weird that that kind of stuff catches my attention and has the potential of bugging me. But I’m a detail girl. 🙂

Anyway, once we had our tickets in hand we went in search of a place to eat. With only an hour left to game time and our realization that the Mediterranean restaurant was in fact not in Westwood itself, but on Westwood close to Santa Monica Blvd, we went in search of new options. First we quickly checked out the Student Union for options but since the hallways had an empty feeling, we decided to walk into Westwood. We ended up deciding on Five Guys. What better than a greasy hamburger on the night of a sporting event, right? So romantic, I know, but I was the one who chose the place.

westwood 5guys

And then off we went to the game. It was a GREAT game! The Bruins kept us on our toes, that’s for sure! And let me tell you…….my hubby can get pretty INTO a game emotionally…..getting all stressed out and nervous and clapping loudly…..all depending on if the game is tied or if we’re trailing by a few points or taking the lead. I loved getting to walk down memory lane with him at this game. He TOTALLY was like this when he was a student here as well. Whether it was back in the day when he paid $5 entrance for student tickets or he camped out in the cold of night with his blue beanie and sleeping bag to get good seats at the really big games and or now when we pay $50 per seat, he still gets TOTALLY into whether or not the Bruins are winning. I love that kind of competitiveness and allegiance to his alma mater and how that’s the same after all these years. You can tell from the super happy smiles at the end that the Bruins won! Yay!! In overtime, 97 to 94. A great game!


IMG_3461 IMG_3460 IMG_3459

Just before the game began….

Oh no Missouri took the lead….

C’mon Bruins! C’mon!!

Serious?! You missed that shot?!? We needed that!


This is getting seriously nerve-wracking! Will they win??!?


Uh-oh. Now it’s tied at 94. This is not good.


Ohhhhhh the sweet relief!!!! They won!!!!! 97 to 94. What a close call. Thank goodness for Shabbazz Muhammad and his final 3-pointer and the great work of the 6’10” Wear brothers, the team pulled it off!!

A great win for the Bruins and a great date night out for the Wallises!

We laughed that we both enjoyed the wafting smell of the coffee that the older couple in front of us got with their order of hot dogs. Perhaps in 15 years we’ll be that older couple sipping coffee and eating hot dogs and thinking nothing of the randomness of that combination. Here’s to another 15 years and seeing what fun adventures God takes us on!

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