My husband seriously rocks!!!

155. I’m married to T-H-E most amazing man.

156. My husband thinks ahead and isn’t willing to live in denial of the crazy world we live in. As a principal he is on the forefront of coming up with plans of safety for the hundreds of students and teachers in the care of his leadership.

157. Just now listening to other people give him MAJOR compliments and applause at an assembly at his school, made me thankful people communicate their respect for him. I am thankful for their voices of affirmation to the awesome work he is doing.

158. I am thankful God has given him charge of an entire high school. Wow. A cutting edge high school that holds HUGE amounts of respect in the community. This is a school that people of all different lines of work are watching and have been impressed with. Sooooooo thankful that God has blessed Steve to lead and to lead with excellence.

159. I am thankful that Steve is a visionary and a trend-setter. I am thankful for the brilliant tagline he came up with: “We do things differently here.” And his brilliant idea of printing I (heart) DV shirts for students and staff. And his brilliant ideas of ways he encourages his staff.

160. I am thankful that I was able to witness an absolutely amazing Community Dialogue at his school just now. Absolutely A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!!! It was jam-packed with students wall to wall. The chief police who spoke chose not to use the microphone. The students were SO respectful and amazing. They sat there silently, oh-so-respectfully listening to him. You could hear a pin drop. This school’s atmosphere of respect is out of this world. Simply amazing.

161. Thank you Lord for the ways you have blessed Steve- for all of his talents, his intelligence, his heart, his compassion, his out-of-the-box thinking, his people skills, his speaking skills, his vision, and for the way he is respected by SOOOO many- the custodians, the secretaries, the teachers, the students, the parents. It is beautiful to see him wrapped up in a place of such incredible respect and honor for what he does and does so well. Thank you.

162. I am thankful that after the Critical Incident Drill at Da Vinci together with the Hawthorne Police, he was told by one of the police officers: “I have never seen a school move so fast…You are light years ahead of other schools.” So awesome. Very, very, very awesome.

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