A full, incredible week

Learning through adventures is such a joy! There are SO many opportunities to learn in context and to make deep, lasting connections. Man, I love living in Los Angeles- being able to find and experience so many adventures with our family. I love that all of these experiences all happened in one week of our living…..

We hiked a 2.5 mile trail on Mt. Baldy. IMG_6785 Jacob met the Mission Specialist at SpaceX.IMG_3103

Natalie attended a lecture by Steve Winter, a renown National Geographic photographer. 10264180_10101713958170896_967922309611497004_o

We watched the Blue Angels, Patriots, Hornets, Harriers and more at the Miramar Air Show. IMG_5604

We biked several miles through the Heart of Los Angeles at the Ciclavia event. IMG_7176

A full, incredible week. I am so thankful and feel so privileged that we get to live and learn in these ways.

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