Love through bacon

Each morning, I’ve learned, that a breakfast of protein is key to the successful start to the day for all of us. A carb-only type of breakfast leaves me hungry a couple hours later, or less. If only given cereal or pancakes or french toast, my kiddos are more disagreeable in the morning.  Isn’t that weird? It’s definitely true. There are more arguments and irritability in the morning on those days. However, if protein is a significant aspect of the breakfast then WOW! my kiddos are patient, loving and kind with one another. Isn’t that crazy? It is an absolutely fascinating phenomenon to me. So guess what?! I make sure to always have protein options ready for breakfast!!! Somehow that protein gives their bodies the fuel it needs to do all of its growing, functioning, moving and thinking and still there’s enough energy left over to extend love in action. Irritable, argumentative tones somehow magically vanish with bacon, ham or eggs. Amazing.

So this morning as I stood in the kitchen for what felt like 35-40 minutes cutting off all the fat from the bacon strips, I thought to myself “man, cutting fat from bacon sure is a labor of love!” Here I am cutting off all this disgusting fat, so that I can fry up the meaty aspect of bacon to get the sought after protein without all the nasty, unhealthy fat of it. I do this so that my kiddos and I can have a peaceful, beautiful morning together. Perhaps I should look into buying some premium bacon at specialty shops- where it’s big, thick slabs of bacon with more meat than fat. Because let me tell you, the Costco packs of Farmer John bacon and even the Vons packs of all kinds of bacon…..all of it has soooooo much fat on each slice! I used to just cook it all in the pan and then dry to soak up all the fat with paper towels when I took the bacon out of the pan. But that’s gross. Not to mention I would have at least an inch or more of liquid fat sizzling in my pan. Disgusting. So now I take the time to cut off the fat while the bacon is still uncooked. There’s also the method of baking it in the oven- but then you have fatty, greasy cookie sheets and liquid fat in your foil-covered baking sheets.

Anyway, I look at my time standing here in the kitchen cutting off bacon fat as my small offering of love in action for my kiddos. It will help them get started on a great day. Isn’t that funny? But that’s the loving work and sacrifice of a mama.


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