He’s growing up

Wow…..it started with the purchase of deodorant this summer….

last week he got glasses…..(which by the way he looks SO handsome with)

and yesterday I took him shopping for new basketball shoes. Wowsas! This boy just doesn’t stop growing. As he placed his foot on the youth-sized shoe measurement, the store clerk gasped “oh wow. we need to measure him with the men-sized shoe measurement”. Yes, that’s right, my 8-year old boy now wears 7 1/2 in men’s shoes!

As a result, his basketball shoe choice went from a selection of four available shoes to a selection of 30 different ones! Wow! His eyes lit up at all the different choices before him. Wow. Wow. Wow. This was a boy’s dream come true- looking at all the colors and types of styles in the men’s dept. of basketball shoes. And let me tell you what my eyes noticed?! Yes, in the “youth” dept. basketball shoes were ranging in price from $29-$59. Now in the adult section they range in price from $59-$129. Dude!  Okay, adult world of higher prices- here we come.

It is a joy, though, to see the excitement on Jacob’s face as he grows up and enters the world of ‘grown-up’ stuff. My little baby is not a baby anymore. He’s growing up to be a man.

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